Wii 2 information possibly leaked, Blu-ray and 1080p support to be included?

Rumors of the next Wii or an enhanced Wii have been swirling pretty much since the launch of the system in 2006, but actual information on the inevitable successor has been nonexistent. That might’ve changed today, as a French website claims that a unnamed Nintendo of France marketing employee has given them the scoop on Wii 2.

The website claims that Wii 2 will support resolutions up to 1080p and will have a Blu-ray drive, however the main purpose of Blu-ray support is said to be mainly for piracy concerns. The system will have a simultaneous worldwide release in Q3 2010. The most interesting news surrounding this is the word that Nintendo will have a trade-in system in place so Wii owners can upgrade to Wii 2 for a cheaper price. The report goes on to say that it is (or rather was if this is true) Nintendo’s intention to keep this a closely guarded secret until around a month before release, where they would then kick off a huge media blitz.

If this is true, then this is obviously huge news, yet there are obviously big questions that still need to be answered. Namely, how much is it gonna cost? Better yet, how much would you pay for Wii 2 given the information you have? Also will that trade in program involve the ability to transfer your Virtual Console and WiiWare games? Let us know what you think.