7 days around the MMO world / November 1

Halloween is over and for some MMOs the Halloween-inspired events are all coming to a close. Hopefully November will usher in a new MMO month filled with news and announcements for all our favorite MMOs both present and future. We know that a major patch is coming for World of Warcraft in November which could quite possibly be the pinnacle of Wrath of the Lich King.

For a couple weeks now the latest major content patch to WoW has been sitting on the public test realm where players are slowly being introduced to the long list of bosses inside Arthas’ castle, Icecrown Citadel. The Citadel is obviously the main focus of the 3.3.0 patch as it’s where players will face down Arthas, possibly the most beloved character in all of Warcraft. He may be evil and the modern incarnate of the Lich King, but he’s still pretty bad ass.

As with most WoW content patches, there are a number of class balance changes as well as an interesting change to a racial ability for the Undead race. Recently Blizzard implemented the service to change factions and even more recently implemented the ability to simply change your race. The service must have seen a mass influx of players switching to Undead from both sides in order to gain an advantage in PvP combat. The Undead have an ability called Will of the Forsaken that removes Fear effects and similar aliments which is extremely useful in PvP and it’s even more effective with your PvP trinket that does the same thing, giving you two chances to remove Fear effects. Blizzard seems to have caught on to this sudden influx of Undead players and as a result have nerfed the ability. The ability now shares a 45 second cool down with similar abilities including all PvP trinkets thus leveling the playing field with other races. It’s a shame for people who payed to switch just for that, but hey at least Undead characters are pretty rad even without Will of the Forsaken.

As with most WoW content patches the list of changes is huge with changes to the UI, graphics, professions and individual classes as well as many bug fixes. If you want to go over the massive list yourself, check them out here.

We have to say this next bit of news caught us totally off guard and we in no way could have possibly seen this coming from a mile away: Jedi Knights are now an official class for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Shocking isn’t it! All sarcasm aside, this is something we’ve been expecting and waiting for, so it’s certainly nice to finally see official confirmation.

If you check out the official class page for the Jedi it explains the class much like you would expect: Jedi used to live in harmony sharing insights, it talks about their fancy space ninja skills and so on. So while the news of the Jedi class is exciting, BioWare hasn’t really told us anything we didn’t know already. We expected a humble yet bad-ass class and that’s exactly what we’re getting.  Now that we know the Jedi is a class, the speculation for the speculation for the last remaining three can begin. Tonton anyone?

The notes for Aion’s incremental 1.5.1 patch are out and about and include a long list of minor tweaks and changes. Mixed in with all the various tweaks to items and various class balancing issues are the changes to  experience. One of the major complaints with Aion thus far has been the steep drop off of experience in later levels that forces players into a grind scenario.

After this patch players will be getting more experience from crafting and gathering which is fantastic as you can level while leveling your professions. More experience will be rewarded for some quests, mostly in the later part of the game as well as increased amounts of currency. This will hopefully curb off some of that grind when you get to later levels as well as curbing the gap when it comes to currency. On top of all that, they’re increasing the drop rate for repeatable dungeon quests so that it won’t take as long to do them and enabling players to do them more often.

In other MMO news:

  • Mythic takes the time limit off Warhammer Online trial.
  • PvP Henchmen have been added to Guild Wars, hooray!
  • The Champions Online C-Store is now open, yay for micro-transactions or something.
  • Mechscape restarted from scratch.
  • The Mac version of Warhammer Online launches, bout damn time!
  • Details on City of Heroes: Going Rogue are revealed, not to be confused with Sarah Palin’s book.
  • Age of Conan’s latest update goes live, players get a new dungeon.
  • Aurora Technology bans gender bending in Aion over in China, don’t pretend to be a girl, man! It’s not cool!