Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida calls PS3 motion controller a hardware platform

In keeping with their competitor’s trend of probably sensationalizing their up-and-coming motion controlling hardware, Sony’s Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida has referred to their entry, known simply as the PS3 motion controller, as its own hardware platform.

“… it’s not like in the case of SingStar, where the mic is designed to work with the SingStar games; we made a decision that this motion control is a platform product that has to work for a variety of products,”

Kind of reading between the lines, it’s easy to imagine this going right along with the PS3’s currently slogan of “It only does everything.” During the interview, though, Yoshida keeps talk of its hardware platform focused largely on games. Citing how pleased they were that Capcom announced a motion controller-supporting version of Resident Evil 5 and the work their own studios are putting into it, “[We’re working] with many teams to try different types of games to be able to cover the different needs of different types of games. So we have some teams working on very casual games, and other teams working on core audience type of games.”

With still no final name for the thing, still no surefire release (though there have been hints), still no price information, and one announced port of an already-released game, we can only guess how accurate it will be to call the motion controller its own platform. If nothing else, though, it’ll be good games that sell the thing, and hopefully some of those show up.