Spector addresses Epic Mickey early concept art, peripheral support

The reactions of many to the initial screenshots of Epic Mickey were mixed at best, no doubt in part due to the fact that it was radically different in style from the stunning concept art that was leaked months before. While the concept art portrayed an edgy, almost steampunk portrayal of classic Disney characters and locations and had washed-out colors, the screenshots thus far released show a brighter, more colorful, and overall “safer” interpretation. In a recent interview creator Warren Spector explained this disparity. While he still intends to push the envelope with Mickey and the supporting cast in Epic Mickey, the early concept art evidently pushed the envelope too far and got a big fat veto from the higher ups at Disney. However, he added that gamers should fear not because some elements in those pieces are still in the game like the robot version of Donald Duck, but he didn’t provide specifics.

In addition, Spector also talked about which of the Wii’s many hardware peripherals he would possibly use in the game. He has ruled out Wii Motion Plus, at least for this first game, as he wants to get experience with the Wiimote classic before moving on to the more advanced Motion Plus unit. He also said the balance board is straight out, but regarding the vitality sensor he left a cryptic message, “Well, you know, now that you mention it. [Distinct pause combined with wistful look] You never know. We have some time.”