Alan Wake finale possibly to be excluded from press preview copies

Developer Remedy have made it clear that they believe they have such an amazing game, with such a fantastic story in it, that they might actually withhold the ending of Alan Wake in the preview copies sent out to the press. Remedy is currently believed to be contemplating talking to Microsoft about not delivering the conclusion of the thriller in order to keep the experience spoiler-free for the rest of the audience.

“I think we’re going to be insanely careful about how much of the story we reveal,” managing director of Remedy Matias Myllyrinne told G4TV. “We’ll clearly discuss with some of our friends at Microsoft whether we even give the ending of the game for anybody’s preview. I’d like to hold it back, [I] don’t want anybody to spoil it for the audience. That’s just my personal feeling,” he adds.

So at this moment it’s still unclear if the ending will be included in preview copies or not, but the spoiler-hater in us all sure hopes for the spoilers to stop… we’ve got enough of them already.