Heavy Rain demo “a real challenge” says Cage

We like Quantic Dream’s co-CEO David Cage, that’s why we write about him and his sayings. For instance, he said that the PS3 is “by far the best platform” for Heavy Rain, he talked about the “most shocking experience” of his life, and more recently, he even had the guts to not care if Heavy Rain is art or not, despite its gorgeousness. That’s why we love him, that french of a fellow. And now, he’s seems to be in for a challenge, trying to figure out how to get a demo out a demo of the PS3 exclusive.

In a recent sit-down with G4TV, Cage confessed that releasing a demo for Heavy Rain would be “something really difficult” but at the same time, after going at it for a long time, confirmed that there will in fact be a playable demo of the game. “We are currently working on a demo, which is a real challenge,” Cage expressed. “Finding one scene that can convey what we are trying to achieve with Heavy Rain is something really difficult. If we show an action scene, some players will think that this is what Heavy Rain is all about, and it is the same thing if we show an exploration scene. The problem is that each scene of the game offers contextual game play, which is something very difficult to explain and convey in a single demo. Demos are often a double-edge thing: if you don’t release one, players may think that you have something to hide.”

Aware of what a demo may or may not imply, Cage talked about unspecified cases in which a demo couldn’t successfully portray the game behind it, hence its eventual failure reaching out to players. But, “because Heavy Rain is a new concept and since many gamers will want to check what it is before buying it, we will be releasing a demo. We just need to find the best scene for it.”