Updated / Prince of Persia movie finally shows off a trailer

Update: Added better quality vid above.

There have been bits and pieces of behind the scenes footage from Disney’s adaption of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time spread across the internet for a while now, but at long last the trailer is here. Yep, its time for huge CGI effects, crazy sword fighting, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s arms, lots of Jake Gyllenhaal’s arms.

As always, the film doesn’t seem to be sticking 100% true to its source material; Jake’s sly mouthed Prince seems to be based around the most recent iteration of the character in last year’s Prince of Persia, only trapped in the story of the original 2003 game. That’s not to say it’s completely detached; the setting, costume design and props all seem to match up nicely, and heck there’s even a split second of wall jumping thrown into it.

Aside from that it seems like your classic brain-at-the-door summer blockbuster. Ben Kingsley’s villainous Nizam shouts a lot, and Gemma Arterton plays your classic witty love interest. Throw in some swords, a rousing score, and you’ve got a Hollywood hit in the making.

Will it be any good? The summer of 2010 will decide.