PS3 sales “very strong” in October, GameStop says

The introduction of a slim model and a lighter-on-the-wallet price tag put the PS3 on top in September, but how long the sales surge would last was questioned by both analysts and Microsoft who, along with Nintendo, also slashed prices on their systems. But it appears the PS3 is holding on to its momentum and continued selling well in October, at least by GameStop’s standards.

“We continue to see the [price drop] giving strong momentum to PS3,” Tony Bartel, Executive VP of Merchandising and Marketing for GameStop, has told IndustryGamers. “Obviously we had a strong surge when they initially dropped the price, and there was a lot of excitement around that, but we still see PS3 sales as very strong through October as well.”

It’s doubtful the system will be able to repeat its September success of 491,800 units sold in the US, but needless to say NPD data released later this month should be interesting.