Rare looking to Natal to give the FPS genre a shot in the arm

Yesterday brought the news that Kameo 2 had been possibly cancelled so Rare could focus development on Project Natal-supported games. While nothing about specific Rare projects has been announced, head of studio Mark Betteridge took some time to talk about Natal and the effects it has on gameplay, specifically the first-person shooter genre.

“Right now our sights are trained on Natal, which is a great opportunity to break new ground with content and gameplay, It’s also an opportunity to exercise some genre evolution, so hopefully we’ll be able to develop something on that front”, said Betteridge.

Now when Rare is talking about FPSs, the first thought in most people’s mind will be Perfect Dark (or Goldeneye, but if that’s the case, you really need to just let that one go because It aint coming back). I’m really excited to see what Rare could do with such a versatile device, but nightmares of Chevron logos on the floor in Perfect Dark Zero still haunt me to this day.