Feline follow-up to Nintendogs possibly in the works

After racking up more than 20 million copies sold and achieving a very rare perfect score from Japanese game magazine Famitsu, the Nintendogs franchise has been doggone quiet (ugh, sorry). With only one main game (with different versions having slight variations of available breeds), the last version, Dalmatian and Friends, was released over three years ago with the other versions a year before that.

Shigeru Miyamoto’s mention of his latest activities has hinted that the pet simulator might have another game approaching. While in a Q&A session with investors, Miyamoto was asked details about the game he is currently focusing on the most, including the influence for the game. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s President, was quick to step in and prevent Miyamoto from saying anything revealing. However, before leaving Miyamoto added, “Also, I’ve recently been caring for cats. That is all.” Iwata, not attempting to undermine the comment, added, “He just gave a big hint.”

While this is not a confirmation by any means, Miyamoto’s hobbies and experiences have been known to guide his game development strategies. Gamers that are getting ready to leave their four year old dogs in a cornfield somewhere might have a shiny new pet ready for them at some point.