No Doubt sues Activision over Band Hero appearance

No Doubt is suing Activision for their misappropriated use of their likeness in the recently released Band Hero. In a suit filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, the band claims that Activision abused the contracted use of their likenesses and “transformed No Doubt band members into a virtual karaoke circus act.” Sound familiar?

Much like a certain other complaint regarding the misuse of another rock icon’s likeness, No Doubt charges that Activision allows their virtual characters to perform any of the 62 songs in the game’s playlist, “many of which include lyrics, contained in iconic songs, which are not appropriate for No Doubt and have not been and would not have been chosen by No Doubt for recordings or public performances.” According to the band, this is a violation of their contract with Activision that only allowed their likenesses to be used in no more than three of their own songs in the game.

The lawsuit further states Activision’s deceptive use of the band’s image. “Activision has deceived and confused the public into believing that No Doubt authorized the use of its name and likeness for the Character Manipulation Feature of Band Hero and that No Doubt approves and endorses the appearance of its members individually performing songs that are wholly inappropriate and out of character for No Doubt.”

Activision made a statement in response to the allegations saying, “Activision believes it is within its legal rights with respect to the use and portrayal of the band members in the game and that this lawsuit is without merit.”

Activision is no stranger to allegations of this nature. During the release of Guitar Hero 5, Courtney Love complained about a similar misuse of Kurt Cobain’s image in the game that allowed his character to perform all of the songs in the Guitar Hero 5 playlist regardless of appropriateness.