360’s Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm for 18+ audiences, unless parents approve

Under the age of 18? Then it’s no Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm for you on your Xbox 360, young gamer.

The currently beta tested features already have the age limitation in place and it will carry over once the services launch fully. Although, younger folks with good persuasion skills will still be able to gain access to the services by swaying their parents in the right direction, thanks to an upcoming Family Settings update. “… the development team is working on an update that gives parents the choice of which social applications their children can access. This means that Xbox LIVE members between the ages of 13 and 17 will be able to use Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm as long as their parents approve,” writes Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb.

Hryb says this update will hopefully be rolled out “several weeks after launch.”