Zelda Wii may not come next year

I think everyone agrees it’s been pretty exciting reading the news about the next Zelda for Wii using MotionPlus and how “gorgeus” the visuals will be, thinking 2010, and thus getting our hands on the game, is right around the corner. Aye?

Yeah, that might not be happening.

“We haven’t committed to Zelda for 2010,” Nintendo’s Reggie ‘Soul Crusher’ Fils-Aime said on last night’s GTTV, “… so we’ll see how that continues to develop.”

But a new Zelda or not, Fils-Aime points out there’s plenty to be excited about in Nintendo’s line-up next year, “Sin and Punishment 2 is going to be something that the Nintendo fan can get really excited about … Galaxy 2 … what can you say? Mr. Miyamoto himself is very excited about it. He thinks that it adds even more to that great title. And then Other M … that is another franchise that I’ve personally got great memories of, back to a side-scrolling Metroid title.”