Dragon Age: Origins gets a bit easier on PC

Owners of the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins who were playing on Easy or Normal will now have some of their stresses alleviated as BioWare has released a patch for the recently released RPG. The patch, which “made Easy difficulty easier,” and “slightly increased attack, defense, and damage scores for all party
members at Normal difficulty,” not only adjusts the difficulty of the two levels but also provides some tweaks and fixes.

“The patch is for PC only, and addresses certain issues that were discovered between the certification of the PC build and the certification of the console builds. The difficulty tweaks are already in the console versions, and other issues are PC specific.” BioWare lead designer Mike Laidlaw said in a forum post mentioning that there will likely be another patch on its way, concluding that they will continue to watch their forums and “nail down any issues that are creeping up.”