Job listings spring up for Halo and Natal

In case you weren’t sure if Microsoft had plans to hit the ol’ drawing boards for their upcoming Project Natal, or even if you had doubts that they decided to take a breather on theĀ Halo franchise, you’ll notice some job listings on Microsoft’s site that confirm that both are still at work.

With Halo, there’s a good chance it’s all just to get some more hands to help with Halo: Reach, but when the listings say things like “new experiences in the Halo universe,” it can get the wonderers wondering. Among some of the listings are Level Designer, Animation Director, and AI Developer.

For Natal, you’ll notice an aesthetic sland with jobs like Environment Layout Artist or Concept Artist. Because… you know… wouldn’t want ugly Natal games now would we?

The timing of the listings would suggest a possibility that “Natal job” and “Halo job” would work together toward a common goal. That said, new experience in Halo universe at least overlaps with “an exciting next-generation Natal project.” Who knows? Some people at Microsoft do, and until they talk, we’ll all just sit and guess.