Left 4 Dead PC mods can’t happen on 360 but Valve still wants to share them

One of the biggest advantages to playing games on a PC versus playing it on any of the console platforms is the unabridged access to the loads of quality community-generated mod content. While in some instances there is mod content available for console systems it pales in comparison to what’s available to the PC simply because they just cannot run on anything but high-end PC machines. It so happens that Left 4 Dead lead Chet Faliszek agrees with the sentiment, “One of the problems now when you look at a lot of the mods that are made is they can’t run on low-end PCs, they can’t even run on mid-end PCs often – they can only run on high-end PCs. They can’t run on Xbox 360.”

Even though he believes that it’s near impossible for some of those mods to run on the 360, let alone lower end PCs, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to try and share some of the amazing content that’s out there, “The coolest thing we could ever do would be to take something that was made by the community and share it with everybody – including Xbox 360 owners. How that happens and what work needs to be done is a little bit complicated.” Who knows what mods he has in mind but he did say, “We’ve talked with some of [the modders] about that issue, we’ve talked about maybe working with them, maybe after Left 4 Dead 2 comes out.” So with that quote planted in our brains lets start thinking about what mods might be heading to a new console home. Garry’s Mod anyone?