Dante’s Inferno approved with no fuss

Jonathan Knight, Executive Producer for Dante’s Inferno, says it was a no-brainer when he pitched the idea for the game. Among other tidbits, such as what the game portrays literally and what is taken liberty with, Knight says that his execs “immediately saw potential there for a great game.”

“The bosses of the games label at EA and the executives thought it was a great idea right away,” he revealed. “Like me, they saw the potential in the mythology and how nobody’s ever taken on that sort of medieval, christian notion of the afterlife as kind of a real place that you go to under the ground. There’s monsters and demons and rivers, and it’s just a crazy fantastical vision that Dante Aligeri had for Hell.”

With the demo hitting next month, we can see how accurately the game portrays the classic novel. Now, the only thing that remains unanswered is what happens if demand is high enough for a sequel. Dante’s Inferno 2: Dante Strikes Back anyone?