Mishka makes the most metal Brütal Legend t-shirts ever

Double Fine and Brooklyn-based fashion label Mishka NYC have paired up to create an unholy fusion of searing rock and softest cotton!

In addition to looking awesome, the two limited edition Brütal Legend t-shirts you see before you (after the break) boast an impressive heavy metal pedigree. The Headbanger graphic was created by James Callahan, known for his work with Municipal Waste, and the Razorgirl graphic by Daniel Mumford, known for his work with Black Dahlia Murder. These shirts will not be sold, but given away in the coming months. No details yet, but Double Fine promises to provided multiple chances for the Brütal Legend faithful to win one of these machine-washable masterpieces.

“The Headbanger graphic channels the loud and reckless spirit of Ironheade’s loyal foot soldiers. We worked with James Callahan who has worked with modern day Thrash heroes Municipal Waste (amongst others), to bring a scene of pure metal aggression to life, creating an epic Stage Battle on your chest. Headbangers pulverize puny Glam Rockers in the pit as a band of Brütal characters including our own Cyco Simon delivering the decibels.”

“The second shirt features a Razorgirl charging forward on a furious Fire Beast. The graphic modernizes the epic girl meets monster designs used by so many early heavy metal bands. We worked with Daniel Mumford who has worked with Black Dahlia Murder and other metal greats, to flesh out a 21st century take on a classic seventies Metal fantasy using two of our most iconic characters.”