Gearbox ‘working their butts off’ on Colonial Marines

With all the attention on Borderlands in recent months, we almost forgot that Gearbox also has a little game called Aliens: Colonial Marines in the making.

While not being able to say much about it, with Sega understandably wanting to keep the media attention on their other Aliens game, Aliens vs. Predator, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford does assure once more that Colonial Marines is indeed still very much in development and that the company is in fact ‘working their butts off’ on it.

“I’ll tell you this: We love Aliens. You guys know that,” Pitchford told GameInformer in a recent interview to be published in the mag’s January issue. “You guys did a cover story, you know how much we care about it. We’re working our butts off on it. I think when it comes, people won’t be disappointed, but right now it’s really not up to us to talk about it.”

Pitchford has said as much on a few previous occasions as well when the long silence got people worried so, with the Aliens RPG getting canned and all, it’s nice to know nothing’s changed. Guess we’ll start hearing some actual details once Sega pushes AvP out the door in February.