Resident Evil 5 is now “possible” on Wii

People have wanted Resident Evil 5 to hit the Wii ever since the fourth installment in the franchise translated so well, and rumors have been flying around right from when the game launched way back in March. Since then the Alternative Edition has been announced, using the PS3’s motion controller to controller almost exactly like RE4 did on the Wii. Add to that the South American stage from Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles bearing a striking resemblance to RE5‘s setting, and hope for a Wii version is as high as ever.

With so much promise, Capcom must be getting sick of being asked if it’ll ever happen, but that didn’t stop the question heading their way during a recent online Q&A session. Product Manager Matt Dahlgren replied with, “At Resident Evil 5’s launch, it was announced that a Wii version was not technically possible. But after some of the work that Cavia has done (with RE: Darkside Chronicles), the producers of Resident Evil 5 over in Japan now think it is possible. Some of the light effects in the South America stage are pretty incredible. Whether it is going to come, I don’t know the answer to that question. But, it has been said that now at least it is possible.”

While obvious sacrifices would have to be made, just look at the Wii version of Dead Rising as proof of that, it seems that a Wii edition is on the table more now than ever. Whether or not it would bring the DLC from RE5‘s Alternative Edition, we’re sure it would be more than welcome edition to the Wii library.