1 vs. 100 season 2 hits November 19 with ladders, achievements, new dances

Check out the hot 1 vs. 100 action up there in the video. It has everything, live shots from the real TV show, amazing voice overs, and avatars gyrating for no particular reason. Amazingly, the video even talks about the game and what changes they have implemented, starting with the prize ladder, something that should have been a no-brainer in the first season.

Now the person who is playing as the One will know what prize they could possibly win, and how far they are from winning the 10,000 Microsoft Points grand prize, or how many points the Mob will split if they fall flat. Other additions are achievements – something we at TVGB love to gather – and new avatar dances.

The second season hits Xbox Live November 19 with more live shows and regularly scheduled extended play shows.