Japanese Final Fantasy XIII DLC a no-go

Back in August, producer Yoshinori Kitase said that Square Enix is exploring the possibility of creating downloadable content like “new areas, items or enemies” for Final Fantasy XIII. That decision has now been made for the Japanese version, and the news ain’t good.

“Unfortunately, it has been decided that no DL contents will be available for the Japanese version due out in December,” Kitase told CVG in a recent interview, adding that “no decision has been made for the overseas versions” yet.

There’s always the chance for translator error and he could be talking about a day one release, but due to downloadable content not being as popular in Japan as it is elsewhere, the decision actually seems to make sense. After all, Capcom decided to release Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition at retail in Japan without discussion, while actually asking for the consumer’s opinion in the western markets (where it was decided that DLC is the way to go).