EA frustrated with the Wii

Picture this – you’re John Riccitiello, CEO of EA, one of the videogame industry’s largest companies. You decide to pour a ton of resources into development for the Wii platform and become a driver of third party sales for the Nintendo system. But, your games aren’t getting out to enough people, because Wii sales start to lag.

This, in fact, is exactly the predicament in which Riccitiello claims to find himself. “To be honest with you, I think the Wii platform has been a little weaker than we had certainly anticipated. And there is no lack of frustration to be doing that at precisely the time where we have the strongest third-party share,” Riccitiello has publicly stated. The EA exec has stated that he plans to work closely with Nintendo over the coming months in an effort to drive sales of both EA software and Nintendo systems.