Futuremark not ruling out consoles for new projects

Most PC enthusiasts recognize the Futuremark name as being a staple tool in PC benchmarking, which is why it is no surprise to PC gamers that Futuremark would choose the PC as its primary platform to develop games on. Lead designer Antti Summala reinforced that point with us in a recent interview, “Our roots are in PC technology, so developing for the PC platform was an obvious choice for our first game. The platform has a lot of strengths right now: huge install base for casual games, and technical superiority compared to this generation’s consoles for hardcore games.”

Unfortunately, console players don’t have any way to get their hands on Futuremark’s first game, Shattered Horizon. Does that mean that Futuremark will never develop for the console platforms? For the foreseeable future, probably. Though Summala did tell us they’re not ruling it out entirely, “We’re not ruling out making future projects for consoles, but PC gaming is where we are the strongest.”

We’ll have the full interview up later today, so stay tuned.