Post-release ban of Modern Warfare 2 in Russia, all copies recalled

Russia has decided to ban Modern Warfare 2 and is recalling all copies of the game, also forcing Infinity Ward to take action and issue a patch for the Steam version of the game which removes the controversial mission entirely.

The government of Russia, as well as the public, feel that their country is being depicted as a terrorist nation in the game through the illustration of the invasion of the United States by the Russian armed forces, and of course the notorious airport scene which we’re all too familiar with. A Russian gaming website has been reported to even have gone as far as saying the game caters mainly to the American audience and that Infinity Ward showed utter disregard towards other cultures. Which is kind of funny, considering Infinity Ward was making jokes a week ago about the US-based missions being catered to their European audience.

The gutted console versions are expected to be re-released on Russian store shelves within a month, however, due to their pending validation status, there’s no official timeframe.