BioWare would consider making an FPS, kind of

With BioWare hot off the heels of their fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins and quickly approaching their space shooter hybrid RPG Mass Effect 2, the only next logical step at this point would be to make an FPS game? The possibility is there according to BioWare, but not in the way you think. In response to a fan question asking whether or not they would ever make an FPS game, Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder and CEO of BioWare responded, “We would, we haven’t announced anything on that front, but yeah, I can see that being a very interesting combination.”

Lets back up a couple steps before any of us fall off the celebration wagon and go bonkers hearing this news. If we put that quote into context and refer to the question asked above it in that interview, the answer makes more sense, “I see the definition of RPG as being pretty broad. We look at Mass Effect, I say, and I believe, that it’s as much a shooter as it is an RPG. When you play it, it really feels that way. So I’d say we’re approaching other genres by expanding what the definition of RPG is, and blending in features of other genres to enrich our game experiences and drawing in new fans,” Muzyka explained.

The reality of the news here seems to be that BioWare is potentially looking to expand their notion of RPG into a first-person perspective much in the same grain as Fallout 3 or Borderlands. Needless to say we’re not expecting BioWare to come up with the next Team Fortress or even the next Call of Duty game. Regardless, the idea of BioWare putting together something to rival Fallout 3 is most definitely an exciting prospect.