Nintendo downloads for the week of Nov. 16

If this is not one of the weeks where Nintendo’s digital delivery department decided to just phone it in, I am not sure how much less work could be done. Let me back up for a moment and say that if you are someone who looks forward to demos of games, then this is the week for you, with five WiiWare offerings suiting that taste. The only real title on tap from WiiWare is Pokemon Rumble (Nintendo, Players: 1-4, E10+ Mild Cartoon Violence, 1,500 Wii Points) which is the typical Pokemon game with the added incentive to join Club Nintendo in order to receive a code for an exclusive Pokemon. If you are not feeling the Poke-love just yet, there is a demo for it too. The demo avalanche begins with BIT.TRIP BEAT Demo (Aksys Games, Players: 1-4, E, 0 Wii Points) using the Wii Remote to bounce beats to a rhythm. Next up is FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a Darklord Demo (SQUARE ENIX, Players: 1, E10+ Mild Fantasy Violence and Mild Suggestive Themes, 0 Wii Points) a world conquest RPG with traps and monsters and bears – oh my. The NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits Demo (Over The Top Games, Players: 1-2, E – Mild Fantasy Violence, 0 Wii Points) brings Nyx, a winged girl who calls upon the powers of the gods to control winds, shoot rays, and change scenery in her search for Icarus. Finally, the World of Goo Demo (2D BOY, Players: 1-4, E – Comic Mischief, 0 Wii Points) uses globs of goo to solve physics-based puzzles.

For everyone else without a demo fetish, the Virtual Console brings the fun with Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventues (Super NES, LucasArts, Players: 1, E10+ Mild Violence, 800 Wii Points) which combines three classic Indiana Jones movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade, into one playable package – guaranteed to be Shia Labeouf free. Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (TurboGrafx16, Capcom, Players: 1-2, T – Mild Blood and Violence, 700 Wii Points) rounds out the Virtual Console this week.

Over on DSiWare, Art Style: DIGIDRIVE (Nintendo, Players: 1-2, E, 500 DSi Points) takes traffic control to a new level, trying to get cars through an intersection with sufficient levels of fuel, racking up combos along the way. Arcade Bowling (Skyworks Interactive, Players: 1, E, 200 DSi Points) takes a twist on SkeeBall with stylus control, 3D graphics, and two different modes to master. Robot Rescue (Teyon, Players: 1, E – Comic Mischief, 200 DSi Points) finishes us up with a robot themed logic puzzler, tasking us to rescue robots while avoiding traps. The catch is that the robots are linked and if one moves, they all follow. Robots are dumb sometimes.