BioWare “certainly could” make Natal-enabled games

Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare says the “very cool” Project Natal “certainly could” work with the types of games they’re known for and are used to making, but that should they ever go down that road, they wouldn’t simply slap it onto an on-going project.

“It might be easier to design it from the ground up as the core mechanic,” co-founder and CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka said in a recent interview. “If we were doing it, that’s what we would do to push it. But other developers might be able to think of ways to integrate it into an existing mechanic. It remains to be seen.”

“We’d want to approach it from a fresh perspective and design a game around the mechanic of the controller. It’s so different. In the same way the best Wii games embrace the control mechanic as part of the core design. It remains to be seen what kind of Natal games will come out. It will be very cool,” he said, adding that the best Natal titles will probably use its functionality “as a core part of the game as opposed to an add-on or an afterthought.”

With Microsoft labelling the recently leaked price and launch details as inaccurate, when the controller-free controller will see release remains as unclear as ever.