Bad Company 2 shows more battlefield moments

We’d like to think in a perfect world that online shooters really do work as depicted here. The idea of a perfect tank formation fighting off a well executed ambush is quite different from the reality of people trying to run each other over with quad bikes while telling you your girlfriend is fat over a mic.

Nevertheless, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 likes to think that it has a shot at orchestrating the usual everyman for himself tussle into a deep and clever multiplayer experience. The video above does show off the potential as the player, along with a buddy manages to fight off an offensive and blow up an enemy building while doing so. It was a little convenient that three enemies just wonder into the structure seconds before the player sets off charges though.

Bad Company 2 has certainly been talking itself up recently, taking aim at that other modern military shooter, but it won’t be until release next year that we find out if it can supply the goods.