No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise not published by Ubisoft

No More Heroes has long been one of the surprisingly numerous games I will point to when people say there are no “hardcore” games for Wii, and so I was really stoked that more people would be able to experience this wacky, nutty masterpiece in No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise on the PS3 and 360. One thing that will not be included with this port is the involvement of Ubisoft, as a company spokesman let slip that “Ubisoft will not be publishing either of these versions.”

This is somewhat puzzling, as Ubisoft is still publishing No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle for Wii in January 2010. You can’t be sure, but demand seems high enough to the point where somebody will pick this up and publish it. If you don’t wanna wait on a decision, you can probably pick up a copy of the original version for around $15 if you got a Wii, and I found the motion controls in the game to be well implemented to the point where I question if I would miss them playing the game with a traditional controller. Charging your beam katana just never got old.