Uwe Boll to exercise his filmmaking “magic” once again

Uwe Boll is known for his efforts in turning notable videogame properties such as House of the Dead and Postal into films, with results that were less than satisfactory. Along with these efforts, he also turned the first Bloodrayne game into a movie, along with its sequel, both of which were deemed failures.

One would think with such a long negative track record, Boll would leave well enough alone.

However, Boll is nothing if not persistent, thus the annoucement that he is making a third Bloodrayne film; ignoring the fact that there is no third Bloodrayne game to base this property off of.

Will this film be successful? History heavily bets against Boll; however, life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it, and one would hope that Boll will one day score a hit after all the misses that he has obtained.