Sky on 360 a “phenomenal success,” says Microsoft

Speaking with at a recent Xbox launch event in London, Neil Thompson, Microsoft senior regional director for Northern Europe, revealed that the recent addition of Sky Player to the Xbox 360 has been a “phenomenal success at this point.”

“We were blown away – literally – by the response we had, and we took some flak, probably fairly. We didn’t scale to quite the scale we should have, and I take that criticism on board and we’ve learned from it,” said Thompson. “But now it’s up and running, people are loving it, the subscription rates, the download rates for the application and so on are just blowing my mind away, they’re blowing the people at Sky’s minds away.”

Nice to see that 360 owners are actually taking advantage of the likes of Sky Player and Netflix from their dashboard. With the recent additions of Facebook, Twitter, and Zune to the console, the 360 is looking more like an entertainment console rather than just a videogame console.