WarCraft IV a possibility, but not for a few years

Despite World of Warcraft finishing up most of the story that occurred in WarCraft III and its Frozen Throne expansion, fans of the series have been itching for a true WarCraft sequel that isn’t an MMO. According to Blizzard’s J. Allen Brack, fans are not the only ones excited about that happening.

“While I think we’re all excited about a Warcraft IV, in concept, [the WarCraft III team is] going to finish up StarCraft 2,” Brack said in a recent interview. Unfortunately though it seems like the dev team that would be appointed to make WarCraft IV will be tied up for the next few years. Brack continues, “… then they’re going to work on the two StarCraft expansions that we’ve announced, so they’re booked for the next few years.”

Like with most of Blizzard games, waiting for them seems like an eternity in purgatory but at least StarCraft II will be out sooner rather than later. Hopefully that will be able hold us over until that dev team gets around to working on WarCraft IV.