Square Enix arrange album ‘Love SQ’ shows up early on iTunes

For a long time, Square Enix’s fan-pleasing music label has catered almost exclusively to Japanese and European audiences. This was all fine and good if you lived in those territories, but left North American videogame music aficionados to suffer hefty import taxes and eBay bidding wars in order to acquire Square’s precious catalog of original music soundtracks. But with their newest album, ‘Love SQ,’ Square is finally showing Americans some love by not only agreeing to sell the album in North American territories, but also generously (and perhaps accidentally) releasing it early via the U.S. iTunes Store.

The album, which features re-arranged music from classic Squaresoft games such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and Secret of Mana was originally slated for release on November 25th. But as observed by OSV, the album has appeared more than a day early as a digital download on the U.S. iTunes Music Store. Better yet, Square is giving away the whole shebang for a mere $9.90. Some highlights include an 8-bit Famicom remix of Frog’s theme from Chrono Trigger, a synth-tastic electro rendition of the music from Romancing SaGa and a driving piano medley of ‘final boss’ music from the Final Fantasy series, featuring ‘Dancing Mad,’ ‘Battle at the Big Bridge’ and ‘One-Winged Angel.’

The album is digital-only, and you can download it from iTunes right now. No word yet on a physical release, but knowing Square’s penchant for elegant packaging, I wouldn’t doubt they have something planned for the Square Enix compilation series.