Rock Band Network now launching in early 2010

The launch of Rock Band Network, a service that lets musicians turn their own original content into playable tracks and a means for users to make make some money out of the game, means that more songs will make their way to the game than ever before, not that the library is lacking in any way right now. We were all hoping to see the full launch of the network before year’s end, but sadly not. A full launch is now set for early 2010, but an open beta will arrive before next January according to an MTV Games spokesperson. It was also added that, “The tools necessary for bands to start authoring and prepare their content for review are already live on The open beta launch will add access to the currently private website where all of the RBN community activity and peer reviewing of tracks will take place. People who join the Rock Band Network (bands, fans or otherwise) will be able to play and preview any song before it hits the store, so they should stay tuned for the official launch.”

Originally planned to hit the 360 first, it’s now unclear if the service will come to PS3 at the same time. The potential for the Rock Band Network is undeniable, it just depends on if people want content from small time artists.