Bethesda’s Wii game the “worst ever”

“Looking at the opportunities in the Nintendo space is interesting for us because it’s driven by getting the right product for the demographic and also the right quality.”

Bethesda, the people behind such landmark achievements as Oblivion and Fallout 3, said that in May. It’s now November and they’ve just farted out what Official Nintendo Magazine are calling the “worst Wii game ever.” The game, the “futuristic racer” Wheelspin, has just received a review score of 11%. That’s ONM’s lowest score ever, 1% lower than the epic Hotel for Dogs.

Wheelspin is one of the worst games we’ve ever played,” is the review’s opening shot. Other highlights include, “It falls apart quicker than a roll of toilet paper in a car wash,” and “it’s as fun as having a bath with defensive hedgehogs.” Our favorite quote, however, comes in the concluding paragraph: “You might as well chuck your money down the drain instead. At least you’ll be able to control where it’s going.” Ouch.

It’s not all bad though, at least it was reviewed. Bethesda’s other Wii title, minigame collection Medieval Games, was released at the end of October and has been entirely ignored by media outlets. Well almost completely. Gaming heavyweight the South Wales Evening Post have published a review. They reckon that while “the games are varied and fun” there are some graphical issues, “like when your character’s legs sink into the ground.” It concludes with, “But in most respects, this is the sort of game the Wii is all about and it’s difficult to fault it for that very reason.”

“The right product for the right demographic” eh?