Get your art in Crackdown 2

Think you got the chops to be a street artist? Want to show the world what your art would look like in virtual form? Want to see if anyone appreciates your mad MS Paint/Photoshop skills? If you answered yes, then Ruffian Games has got an offer for you.

The Crackdown 2 developers have been so hard at work putting things together by destroying Pacific City that they just don’t have time to add in the city’s urban life signs. With buildings toppled, vacant autos littering the streets, and all sorts of other signs of decay a city experiences during ten years of neglect, the atmosphere of the game would be taken away with spotless walls without graffiti, that is where you come in.

If you have some artwork laying around in your desk, in your head, or anywhere in between, Ruffian wants to see it and, if chosen, will put it in the game and put your name in the game’s credits. Of course, there are stipulations: scale the size to fit 1024×1024 in PNG format, if possible; it cannot be anyone else’s work, keep your eyes on your own paper; and it has to be clean and tasteful, so no breasticles drawn in crayon, ok? Shoot all entries over to [email protected] by December 9, winners will be announced the following week.

Comment it up if you submit something, we would love to see your work. Extra special bonus cool points if you incorporate the letters TVGB in the artwork, we might even give you something.