R.U.S.E. video takes a closer look at the battlefield, gets ready for beta

With so much silence coming from Ubisoft concerning their real-time strategy title R.U.S.E., one would think they were using one of the R.U.S.E. abilities themselves, though finally more info has been released about the upcoming VIP beta.The PC beta for the game will begin on November 30 and hosting will be done through Steam.

To commemorate the beta, Ubisoft has delivered a video detailing the aspects of R.U.S.E. even further. No touch screen devices or sharply dressed individuals this time but the video does go into detail about building up your force, using the R.U.S.E. abilities and how players will go about achieving victory. If you also plan on getting in on that beta, you should also know that many maps and factions will be playable over time. The game will be revealed on store shelves in 2010.