Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition’s new enemy revealed

Capcom recently revealed a brand new enemy type to be included within the first episode of the forthcoming Resident Evil 5 content. Lost in Nightmares will feature a bulbous, anchor-wielding fellow who’s not at all lacking in the creepy and disgusting department. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume he’ll be doing alot of lurking around hallways and swinging that oversized weapon of his.

There’s already been some speculation as to whether enemy will be a re-skin of the Executioner from the original game. From the looks of the screenshots, that rumor isn’t too difficult to believe. It’s easy to imagine the Executioner’s animations being easily translated to the new guy who wields a large weapon and carries himself in a similar manner. If that is the case, hopefully the sum of Gold Edition’s parts will make up for any re-use of assets.

If you still have your copy of Resident Evil 5, you’ll be able to download Lost in Nightmares on February 17 for Xbox 360 and February 18 for PS3. The second DLC will be released March 3 for Xbox 360 and March 4 for PS3. Costume Packs will be released alongside both episodes and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition retail will hit stores March 9.