Silicon Knights’ new game called The Box?

Too Human developer Silicon Knights’ new game could be called The Box, the CV of an ex-employee named Zhang Shao-yong reveals. The CV states that Shao-yong was with the Canadian developer from June 2005 to April 2008 and that he worked on both Too Human as well as a project called The Box, and that he was responsible for producing “visual effects, such as the application of particle and material performance of explosions, smoke, water, fire, weather and so on.”

The Box is marked down as an “Xbox [360] and PS3” game on the CV but beyond that, there’s no information about it. Though whatever it is, it could be “fresh” if Silicon Knights’ bossman Denis Dyack is to be believed, and if he is in fact talking about this particular game in the following quote.

“The next game that we’re going to announce, not including the sequels to the [Too Human] trilogy, it’s nothing like anything else we’ve ever made before,” Dyack said in an interview last year as CVG points out. “We want to continue to do that to keep fresh. That’s really what’s important, and making sure that we continue to make new IPs but also continue to innovate in the genres that we try to… create content in, I suppose is the best way to describe it.”