Trials HD gets BIG with DLC

We will admit it, we are addicted to the punishment that Trials HD dishes out. Like a junkie with a habit, we keep going back for more, knowing that disappointment will be awaiting us just around the corner. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that news of upcoming DLC for the physics-based game got us all wound up in anticipation; so wound up in fact that when we found out the release date today, we were left speechless. Maybe that is a bit of an over-exaggeration, but we were still excited to see what awaits us in the video below.

An early Christmas present is going to be dropped on Xbox Live Arcade on December 23, as RedLynx will be releasing the BIG Pack DLC for the game. For 400 Microsoft Points the expansion adds a virtual metric ton of goodies, including 35 new trials tracks, 23 racing tracks, and 12 new skills game tracks. Those who purchase the DLC will also be able to earn three new Achievements, as well as participate in five new tournament tracks, which include the new track additions and over 50 new physics objects, like a car, rocket engine, and a gravity field, all of which will be available from within the track editor.

RedLynx, listening closely to the user base, will also issue a free title update which will address some issues raised by the community and play testers. The major fix from the update will simplify the Ultimate Endurance tournament, which was near impossible, making it more accessible and now includes beginner, easy, and medium tracks. The update also fixes several bugs and doubles the number of tracks that can be saved to memory cards and hard drives.