BioShock 2 gets Protector Trials DLC

New downloadable content is coming to BioShock 2 next month, of the “single-player” kind; it’s not quite what it sounds like though.

Called Protector Trials, the add-on throws players into a sort of a solo Horde/Firefight mode where the Little Sister must be protected from oncoming swarms of Splicers.

It will launch next month, on August 3, on GFWL / XBL / PSN (400MS Points / 400MS Points / $4.99), and is “the first” piece of single-player “experiences” 2K Marin has in store. More “intense action and story-driven gameplay” is promised for “the coming months”.

“The next package will expand the narrative, and introduce new tools and new challenges that extend the lore and fiction of the failed utopia under the sea.”

For now, see the trailer above for additional Protector Trials details.