Halo developers go on hiring spree

With the end of Bungie’s obligation to the Halo franchise in sight, 343 Industries, the studio tapped to handle the Halo universe for Microsoft, is ramping up hiring, listing no less than 24 positions in the past weeks. While 343 is responsible for more than just the videogame side of things, these listings have a distinct gaming feel to them.

It seems as if 343 has several mid-level openings for a Systems Designer, Storyboard Artist, and Mission Designer. They are also looking for more senior level personnel including Lead Environment Artist, Senior Producer, Senior Software Development, Senior Concept Artist and Senior Business Manager.

Of course, there is absolutely no word on what, if anything, is being created behind that huge veil of secrecy. Could it be the “next-genHalo we heard about months ago? Only time will tell.