Cage: Horizon not real, Quantic Dream working on new tech

Quantic Dream personnel not currently busy with adding PlayStation Move controls to Heavy Rain have moved on to work on “next generation of technology and future concepts,” founder and CEO David Cage has said.

“We plan to significantly improve the technology compared to Heavy Rain, continue to take risks and explore new grounds,” he’s told Eurogamer, which is what “most of the team” is currently working on.

“Many people wondered why we were not ‘milking the cow’ after the success of Heavy Rain – why we were not creating a sequel for next Christmas. It may sound weird from the outside, but this is really not how I see my company.”

“We genuinely try to be pioneers for this medium and discover new possibilities, which means taking more risks and not always giving people what they expect.”

“It also means having creative freedom and going every day to the office with a big smile thinking you are really lucky to do what you do, and being proud of your games,” he said.

Cage also commented on the previously rumored Horizon project; it simply does not exist.

“I don’t know where this information comes from but there is no project called Horizon featuring a couple in a science-fiction world currently in development at Quantic Dream,” he says.

It “sounds like a good idea” though.