Rein: Epic still a big PC player

Epic Games has abandoned the PC? Silly talk, according VP Mark Rein. “It’s just not true,” he tells RPS.

“…we’ve just been in this situation where our biggest franchise has been published by a console-holder, and was a very console designed-IP,” the exec explains. “Don’t confuse Gears of War with everything we do.”

He further adds: “There’s a tendency to think that because we wanna do one thing really, really well and not a hundred things really poorly or just okay that we’re less committed.”

Epic subsidiary People Can Fly-developed Bulletstorm and Unreal Development Kit “are firmly establishing us in the PC realm as still the big player there,” Rein feels, pointing out that once the new shooter launches come February 2011, “it will be a full-blown, oh-my-god amazing PC game.”