Xbox 360 hardcore exclusives pipeline is “full,” says Greenberg

With a number of Xbox 360’s 2010 exclusives already available, it appears that the likes of Gears of War 3, Halo:Reach, Fable III — all huge titles, granted — and Crytek’s Codename Kingdoms are among the few exclusives Microsoft has left. Going by Aaron Greenberg’s assurances, however, there’s no reason to worry.

The Xbox product director has told OXM that the “pipeline is full” and that next year’s E3 will bring more hardcore exclusives to the Xbox masses.

“I think you’ve seen what we’re doing with exclusives like Crackdown 2, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, adding what’s different to what’s already there, and we’ll continue to invest and grow our core game line-up,” Greenberg commented. “We know that that is the heart of our business, that is what allows us to fund and grow and innovate in new ways, and so that’ll be important in 2011 just as it was for us in 2010.”

When asked if that meant we would be seeing more hardcore exclusives coming to Xbox 360, Greenberg answered with an enthusiastic “absolutely.”

“My team signs deals with partners every week… obviously it takes years, and games take years to develop. But the pipeline is full and so we feel very confident in our ability to continue to do that, and I think what we’ve seen is that people know – they’ve seen our success globally, they’ve seen the success of Live.”