Red 5 MMO unaffected by Offset cancellation

Despite Intel cancelling the impressive looking Project Offset and the technology that fueled it, work on developer Red 5’s unnamed MMO — the only project known to make use of the licensed tech — continues.

In a quick statement to Gamasutra, a company representative said the studio “is still at work on [its] first title” and that “the game has not been put on hold or delayed”.

“While we are using a highly-modified version of the Project Offset engine, the closing of the Intel team does not impact our ability to complete our own project,” the statement also reads.

Red 5 was founded by former members of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft team and licensed the tech in 2006. Chinese MMO operator The9 has since acquired a majority stake and invested $20 million in the studio.

Further information on the project is promised for “the near future”.