Kojima: Japan ‘lacking motivation’

In a series of tweets, Hideo Kojima poured his heart out about the difference between the gaming industry in Japan and the West, saying that “Japan is losing” and that they “are lacking motivation.”

The MGS man explains that after having watched a documentary about exchange students at Kyoto Seika University, he was enlightened about the apparent fact that japanese game designers are simply not motivated enough to keep up with the West. During this documentary, a professor in the Manga Department, Keiko Takemiya, stated that “the foreign exchange students have a lot of motivation!”

“The Game industry is very similar. The West is very motivated. The younger generation of Japan is losing,” wrote Kojima.”The designers and to-be-designers in the West have the focus, ambition, and ability to make their dream become true. So it is not the Japanese technology or culture that is losing, we are lacking the motivation.”

If there’s one thing gamers don’t like, it’s the involvement of politics in this industry. And while Kojima balances on that thin line with what he said next, he expresses what could be a turning point. “The engineering population in Japan may be in jeopardy. We should first review our education system here in Japan,” adding that fewer and fewer undergraduates go to prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT.

Kojima wants highly motivated individuals to emerge. Through these individuals, he says, is the “only way to move forward.” They will make things happen, and he goes on to say that he’s “tired of taking care of people who do not have the passion.”

“The reason why the programmer plays “COD” during his cherished lunch time is because he likes gaming more than anything. Even if I am busy, even if I have to sacrifice something, I would… for movies and books. Saying you don’t have time because of work, using work as an excuse, will not help you grow. Creating abilities, at it’s core, is reliant on your love for the creation,” Kojima ended.