Happy Bungie Day!…

…Is what I would have said on July 7th. Bungie is full of surprises this week, pseudo holidays, and new maps. Well, not exactly new. Ushered in by a new Red vs. Blue is a redo of the Blood Gulch map for Halo: Reach. In the video we get to see all of the upgraded, yet true to classic, landscape of everyone’s favorite setting for the machinima classic.

On top of the revamp for the lay of the land, a new armor power is introduced. Holographic clones of a player are now free to run amok to create a new element of distraction. Control of the hologram is not explained as either controlled or otherwise, and the jury is still out on self awareness, and how closely they’ll adhere to Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics.

As for the rest of the video, classic Rooster Teeth. Aside from the acute lack of Private Donut, it doesn’t skimp on the entertainment.

The end hints at the ability to leave the once boxed canyon to interact in a much larger surrounding area. More of this development, along with hopeful potential to try it out will arrive at Comic-Con as pointed at in the credits.