No FFXIV on Xbox 360, FFXI was a one time thing

It seems after a passionate one night stand with Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix and Microsoft will not be getting together again for Final Fantasy XIV, thus the MMORPG won’t be showing up on the Xbox 360.

At least that’s how Hiromichi Tanaka has put it in a recent interview. Apparently Microsoft supported FFXI for their box simply to help with the online image they were pushing for the 360. Now that said image has been established, they’re not so welcoming to the next massively online entry. Square Enix must feel so used.

And so despite Enix being more than willing to share their flagship series, the PlayStation 3 remains the only console you’ll be able to play FFXIV on, even if it is later than PC owners who can pick it up in late September. The PS3 version is set to launch early next year.